E001 → The Porch

A porch is a welcoming liminal space. A place to wipe your feet off as you arrive. A place to pause and check your pockets as you leave. Most importantly, it is a place to linger. A porch is one of few transitory spaces that invites pause, thought, and preparation. A place to wait a moment longer before you have to go.

The Porch is a multimedia soundscape and motion design, created in collaboration, exploring ideas of transition, grief, and times that must inevitably come to an end.

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The Porch
CreditsDirected and animated by Max Dotson: University of Florida
Orgional composition by Hazel Landers: Rice University, Shepherd School of Music
Featuring voice acting by Pat Wild and Jerome Cerio

12/10/23 UF Senior Studio Showcase
2/9/23 Ligature 33 jurried exhibition
2/16/24 Gainesville Independed Film Screening 
4/5/24 Orange and Blue Film Festival
5/9-10/24 Frame By Frame: Fimmaker Showcase